Alpha Scale Company

Started in 2006 and today offers it’s customers the expertise of over 65 years in the weighing industry.

Alpha Scale Company employees have been professionally trained in ISO/IEC 17025 quality policies and procedures and are licensed service technicians in all New England States. 

All calibrations are in compliance with Handbook 44 and ASTM E0898-88R13.

We use our knowledge of quality policies and procedures to provide the highest quality calibration techniques using N.I.S.T. traceable weight standards and calibration documentation to meet our customers periodic scale inspection and calibration needs.

We offer a complete line of weighing products and peripherals from all major scale manufacturers ranging from laboratory balances to truck scales, including custom scale applications and weighing systems matched to meet each customer’s needs. We service all makes and models of weighing equipment and provide quick turnaround times on repairs.